Fed up with long winded skincare routines and expensive products you hardly use?

We hear you. That’s why we say less is more.

Minimalist skincare was born from a desire for multifunctional skincare products, that simplified skincare routines and took the stress and overwhelm out of skincare.

With a less is more approach, at Minimalist Skincare our products are:

  • multifunctional, which means you get multiple uses from one product
  • made using the best and minimal naturally derived ingredients using results driven formulas
  • made with sensitive skin in mind as all our products are fragrance free
  • your everyday skincare staples to effectively take care of your skin
  • there to help you feel comfortable in your own skin

Everything we offer also works perfectly together with other skincare products you may already have or use, so you don’t need to throw out your favourites!

At Minimalist Skincare, we love creating and formulating, always embracing the challenge of producing amazing, skin-loving products that actually work, that are multifunctional so they do more with less.

A Simplified range for a complex world


Founders Story


“I began my journey into natural skincare after deciding to minimise the steps in my own skincare routine. I suffered from mild acne, requiring the help of a dermatologist to come up with a better, more bespoke skincare routine. I was advised I’d need to use medication only available on prescription, which naturally meant a simplified routine was encouraged. After years of buying into pretty much every product going, I now wanted to get back to basics.

Over time, I became pleasantly surprised at how well a more simplified routine suited my skin. And the other amazing thing about a scaled back skincare routine? How much time, money and hassle I saved too!

Being an avid skincare DIY-er, I looked to experiment with my own skin and soon started to love the results. I relished the challenge of creating naturally derived products without the endless list of ingredients that were as good if not better alternatives to what I was using.

I trained with an accredited school of Organic Cosmetic Science to further my knowledge of natural skincare and gained a Diploma in Organic Skincare Formulation. This, coupled with my background in Chemical Engineering (having started my career as a Process Engineer) enabled me to build the Minimalist Skincare brand as it is today."

Jaina Shah, Founder