At Minimalist Skincare our mission is to create a range of skincare staples that keep your daily routine simple. Our minimal ingredients and environmentally-friendly packaging are kinder on the environment, whilst still achieving maximum results.

From developing and sourcing our products to manufacturing to transportation, everything we do is sustainable. This is something we’re very proud of as, for small businesses especially, reduced leverage to choose sustainable suppliers and less resource can present a challenge. Minimalist Skincare however continues to strive and thrive, making every effort to be as environmentally and socially responsible as possible.


We don’t just look at the end product, but the whole product lifecycle.

Our “less is more” philosophy means we do not use endless amounts of ingredients in our ranges; instead we choose the most efficacious ingredients and use them in as many products as possible. This means that many of the same raw elements pop up in multiple products, enabling us to buy our ingredients in larger quantities and pass on the saving to you. Plus, this means reducing the emissions associated with shipping.

An ethical supply chain is also very important to us, so we only buy our ingredients from suppliers who share our high standards of fair trade.

Buy less, choose well, make it last.

- Vivienne Westwood


Packaging is usually the first part of a product we look at when we think about sustainability. Minimalist Skincare doesn’t believe in unnecessary packaging, therefore we’ve taken the naked approach and made it as minimalist as possible.

When you receive your products, they will be housed in a mailer box with shredded paper - and that’s it! The products themselves won’t come in any fancy boxes or big packets, because frankly we think this is excessive and wasteful.

At Minimalist Skincare all our packaging is also reusable and recyclable. Therefore we only use:

- Glass, which is 100% recyclable

- Plastic (polypropylene) which is also recyclable (you may need to check your local authority)

Although our packaging is highly sustainable, the quality, look and feel of our products are still a top priority. As we grow, we plan to invest in more innovative, and sustainable packaging solutions going forward.