How to use the Gentle Daily Cleansing Balm

Our Gentle Daily Cleansing Balm is nourishing and hydrating and suitable for sensitive, normal/combination, acne prone and dry skin.  It is specially formulated to turn from oil to milk on contact with water.


This balm has a slightly more unusual texture than the normal, hard balms you’re probably used to. It’s a soft, gel like balm texture giving you an amazing sensorial experience.


It has a distinct subtle nutty scent, owing to the shea butter.

How to use it

Massage the balm into dry skin, allowing the cleanser to break down makeup and dissolve excess oil and impurities from the skin. Add a splash of warm water (the oil turns into an easily rinseable milk) and massage again to begin emulsifying the cleanser. Next, fully rinse off using warm water, or a warm damp flannel.


Can I use it to remove makeup?

Yes! Use as directed above and it is very effective at remove makeup, including waterproof mascara. For makeup removal, we would recommend removing the cleanser with a warm damp flannel, to ensure it all gets removed. 

Is it safe to use around the eyes? 

Yes, the Gentle Daily Cleansing Balm won’t sting or irritate your eyes.

Can I use it to double cleanse?

Yes! You can use it as your first and/or second cleanse in the am or pm. It is totally up to you, and what suits your skin.

Are there other uses for the Cleansing Balm?

Absolutely. For an intensive hydrating mask, leave the balm on your skin for 10-15 minutes before rinsing off.

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