At Creature of Habit, our mission is to create the sustainable skincare you need to keep your routine simple and enjoyable. We use considered ingredients and packaging to be kinder to your skin and the world around us.

From sourcing our ingredients, creating our products and getting them to us (and then you), we aim to be as sustainable as possible. As a small business, the journey of our skincare products is relatively short, which means we can be more focused on the process and sustainability.

Feeling good - and doing good - isn’t just skin deep for us.

Our ingredients

Skincare is more holistic than just the end result. We’re the same with our products.

We don’t just look at the final product, but the whole journey to create it too.

Our “less is more” philosophy means we choose better quality, effective ingredients – and less of them. No extra-long ingredient lists here.

Many of the same raw elements pop up in multiple Creature of Habit products, enabling us to buy our ingredients in larger quantities, reducing the emissions associated with shipping. This is a deliberate choice both from an efficacy point of view and for sustainability.

We only buy our ingredients from suppliers who share our high standards and support their farmers and local communities when they cultivate raw materials.

Our packaging

All of our packaging is reusable and recyclable. Here’s what we use:

  • Glass (100% recyclable) to reduce plastic waste caused by the beauty industry. Glass can be recycled an infinite amount of times. Additionally, 40% of the contents of the glass we use is re-used from our manufacturers own waste glass.
  • Paper (100% recyclable) for all of our product boxes, zig zag shredded paper (void fill), mailer boxes (corrugated cardboard)  and tape
  • Water based inks are used on all our mailer boxes, making them perfectly recyclable and compostable.

As we grow, we will continue to make the commitment to investing in more innovative and sustainable packaging on all of our products going forwards.