Welcome to Creature of Habit

We’re finally here! Hello, I’m Jaina, founder of Creature of Habit.

This has been many, many months in the making and so many things have happened that I’ll share in due course.

If you’ve ever started a business/brand or just started something new, something completely out of your comfort zone, you’ll be able to relate to what I’m about to share.

Before we became Creature of Habit, we were Minimalist Skincare, and this brand was all about being simplistic, minimalist, using less products and using only necessary ingredients in our products, whilst still giving your skin all that it needs. After launching, there were aspects of this brand that stopped resonating with me, and I felt I was constantly questioning everything I was doing, and the direction I wanted to take the brand in – Also, I felt I almost rushed to get the brand out to market (although you may argue that it was timed just right), as there were certain elements particularly the look and feel that I wasn’t loving and wanted to give you all the best experience I could.

After being on the market for a few months, I could see that our customers were really enjoying our products, which is so fulfilling to see, and I was so pleased that the product/formulation was shining, however there was still something niggling at me.

This is when I decided to rebrand. Completely overhaul the look of the brand – I thought this would be the solution, however some of the values and vision of Minimalist Skincare still weren’t quite right – I felt the true meaning and impact of the brand wasn’t being portrayed.

During this rebrand process, I decided to rename the brand, enabling me to revisit and redefine the vision, and ultimately everything I want this brand to be and portray. The result?  CREATURE OF HABIT!

There are still many philosophies that are shared between Creature of Habit and Minimalist Skincare, it’s not all gone, however are now more considered and the brand and products have been elevated.

This process has been VERY rewarding and equally testing, as some days I’m literally screaming with joy as I see it all come together, and others where I’m literally in tears/wanting to pull my hair out because it’s not going to plan and things are majorly delayed.

This process of re-branding and essentially starting from scratch, has been an EDUCATION. One that I have learnt (and still am learning) a lot from, made mistakes (A LOT), felt way out of my comfort zone but now feel I have come out the other end of the learning curve. Can you relate?

If you’re reading this, WELCOME, I am so glad you’re here and a part of our community and we look forward to bringing back the joy of taking care of your skin!


- Jaina xx

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